The Enpirion Project: Exordium EBOOK

This is the eBook version of the book.  It contains the NOVEL ONLY, no illustrations.

Zip file includes both epub and mobi files.


Welcome to Aetrelys, home of the Seri.


Enpirion,  a gifted soldier of his ancient, energy-wielding race, awakens, alone and friendless, in a new home after a terrible ordeal that has left him with both physical and mental scars.  Placed back into active service, he finds himself struggling to overcome what he’s been through and the problems it has left him with.  Even while desperately trying to cope with his own deep-seated issues, Piri is drawn into a far-reaching dilemma that, while on the surface seems to be merely a fanatical human sector targeting his race, has much further reaching consequences.


With a threat arising from a vastly different domain governed by a unique, chaotic and conflicting energy source, the situation begins to quickly spiral out of control and Piri finds himself having to confront issues with his culture and loyalties, as well as fighting an internal battle with a newly arising realization of who and what he is as he struggles to save everything that he knows from destruction.

The Enpirion Project: Exordium EBOOK

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    • high fantasy
    • lgbt+
    • first person
    • depression
    • social anxiety
    • interpersonal relationsips
    • mild sexual content