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Nadir: Special Edition Illustrated e-book (Book 2)



This file is a FIXED LAYOUT EPUB.  What that means is that this file is basically an exact copy of the physical book.  You cannot change text size; it is not reflowable text like a normal ebook.  This is NOT for use on traditional e-readers (nook, kindle).


What can I read this on?  iPads.  Seriously.  Windows and Android dropped the ball when it came to supporting fixed epub.  Apple, on the other hand, embraced it with Apple Books and it works beautifully on iPads.  I have tested it on multiple ipads, old and new, of various sizes.  The photos of it on an iPad are not photoshopped...those are actual shots of my iPad running it (for reference, I have a Pro and it looks amazing on the giant screen. but it also looks and reads beautifully on a small, ancient Air).


Why is this special?  This is direct copy of the physical book: layout, fonts, etc.  It includes all of the illustrations and paintings.  But more than that, anything that was originally meant to be in color is back.  Printing color illustrations in the book was financially impossible (both on my end and on the final retail price).  This edition of the ebook is back in glorious COLOR.

Nadir: Special Edition Illustrated e-book (Book 2)

Sales Tax Included
  • Kindle: 100% No.  Kindle uses mobi files.  I did spend a lot of time trying, unsuccessully, to convert this to a working mobi.  Pretty sure I invented a whole new set of swear words in the process.

    Nook: Also a no.  While epub is the Nook's native file format, this is a different kind of epub and it will not display properly.

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