Exordium: Special Edition Illustrated e-book



This file is a FIXED LAYOUT EPUB.  What that means is that this file is basically an exact copy of the physical book.  You cannot change text size; it is not reflowable text like a normal ebook.  This is NOT for use on traditional e-readers (nook, kindle).


What can I read this on?  iPads.  Seriously.  I have no way of testing to see if this will work on an android tablet's reading app (I don't know anyone with an android tablet).  But I know for a hard fact that it works beautifully on iPads through Apple Books.  I have tested it on multiple ipads, old and new, of various sizes.  The photos of it on an iPad are not photoshopped...those are actual shots of my iPad running it (for reference, I have a Pro and it looks amazing on the giant screen. but it also looks and reads beautifully on a small, ancient Air).  If you purchase this for anything other than an iPad, you BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Why is this special?  It includes all of the illustrations from the physical book.  But more than that, anything that was originally meant to be in color is back.  Printing color illustrations in the book was financially impossible (both on my end and on the final retail price).  This edition of the ebook is back in glorious COLOR.

Exordium: Special Edition Illustrated e-book

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  • Will this work on Nook and Kindle?

    Kindle: 100% No.  Kindle uses mobi files.  I did spend a lot of time trying, unsuccessully, to convert this to a working mobi.  Pretty sure I invented a whole new set of swear words in the process.

    Nook: As of right now, the answer is no, simply because I have no way to test it.  Nooks natively run epub, so there's a good shot it would work without a problem, but until I find someone with a nook to test it on, buyer beware.

  • How is this different than the normal ebook?

    The regular ebook is a normal reflowable ebook with no illustrations included.

    This is a fixed layout ebook that is a direct copy of the physical book.  It includes all the illustrations, with everything that was originally in color fully restored.

    I personally compiled this version of the ebook (the perks of being a graphic designer and knowing programs like inDesign).  It took a LOT of time, energy and cursing.  :)

  • Book Synopsis

    Welcome to Aetrelys, home of the Seri.

    Enpirion,  a gifted soldier of his ancient, energy-wielding race, awakens, alone and friendless, in a new home after a terrible ordeal that has left him with both physical and mental scars.  Placed back into active service, he finds himself struggling to overcome what he’s been through and the problems it has left him with.  Even while desperately trying to cope with his own deep-seated issues, Piri is drawn into a far-reaching dilemma that, while on the surface seems to be merely a fanatical human sector targeting his race, has much further reaching consequences.

    With a threat arising from a vastly different domain governed by a unique, chaotic and conflicting energy source, the situation begins to quickly spiral out of control and Piri finds himself having to confront issues with his culture and loyalties, as well as fighting an internal battle with a newly arising realization of who and what he is as he struggles to save everything that he knows from destruction.