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Written & Illustrated by L. Bossi

Enpirion, a gifted soldier of his ancient, energy-wielding race, awakens, alone and friendless, in a new home after a terrible ordeal that has left him with both physical and mental scars.  Placed back into active service, he finds himself struggling to overcome what he’s been through and the problems it has left him with. Even while desperately trying to cope with his own deep-seated issues, Piri is drawn into a far-reaching dilemma that, while on the surface seems to be merely a fanatical human sector targeting his race, has much further reaching consequences.


With a threat arising from a vastly different domain governed by a unique, chaotic and conflicting energy source, the situation begins to quickly spiral out of control and Piri finds himself having to confront issues with his culture and loyalties, as well as fighting an internal battle with a newly arising realization of who and what he is as he struggles to save everything that he knows from destruction.

  • 408 Pages

  • Hardback with dust jacket

  • Over 200 Illustrations & 3 full digital paintings

Book Themes:

  • LGBT+, Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety,

      Self-confidence, Interpersonal Relationships

  • Contains mild sexual content



Review from Goodreads / B&N

A fantasy, action-packed story with a complex magic system, political unrest, and a little romance, this book feels like it has all in one. Book one, Exordium, specifically builds up a layered and intricate world that the main character, Piri, is forced to navigate and find his place in despite being faced with constant adversity and stigmatization.

This book tackled some hard subjects, specifically Piri’s mental health through a first-person account. I appreciated the complexity in the way the author presented this. By not lightheartedly taking on the subject, the author was able to show just how excruciating mental illness can be, specifically dealing with guilt and remorse. I appreciated the truth in this, especially showing the day-to-day struggles Piri faced.

And wow, I was completely blown away by the illustrations! The sketches and art pieces added so much depth to the story. Each of them detailed the exact scenes as if the reader was flipping through Piri’s sketchbook, I could see exactly what the author envisioned for the story. It’s clear how much work was put into this story and project, I thoroughly enjoyed reading not just for the storyline and fantasy elements, but because this project is a work of art in itself.

400 pages +, but definitely a quick, exciting read. I can’t wait for the second and third books!


Step into the world of Aetrelys, home to the ancient energy-wielding Seri race, in this trilogy of fully illustrated fantasy novels.

Recommended Reading Age: 16+

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